Doris-Owanda Johnson

Helping to Heal the World, One Person at a Time

Dr. Doris travels the world presenting wellness lectures and workshops for large and small audiences on finding balance through healthy living practices.

Helping the World Heal

Dr. Doris-Owanda Johnson, Ph.D., LAc., founder of Heart and Soul Institute, returned to Haiti for a second time with fellow Acupuncturists from Acupuncture Without Borders and performed Community Style Acupuncture. In their return trip the group not only shared their healing abilities with the wonderful people of Haiti, but also taught them how to administer Acupuncture to their sisters and brothers of Haiti.

Book Dr. Doris for Your Next Event

Contact us to book Dr. Doris for your next live or online event, lecture, workshop, conference, or wellness retreat. Prior topics have included:

  • The Kimchi Party (Special Event)

  • 21 Day Purification Workshop

  • Helping the World Heal with Community Acupuncture

  • The Many Faces of Inflammation

  • Healthy Liver, Healthy You

  • Happy Healthy Hormones Workshop

Featured Workshop

Experience Dr. Doris in this 4-week online workshop series coming soon!


  • The therapeutic roles of vitamins and minerals in foods

  • Foods to prevent/address certain physical/mental/emotional imbalances

  • Review the basic tenets of Old World Nutrition

  • Tastes, temperatures and properties of foods according to Eastern medicine

  • PLUS: Guidelines for Seasonal cleansing protocols!

WHAT: 4-Week Nutrition Series: “Fearless Health"

WHEN: Next Dates to be Announced

WHERE: Online via Zoom Web Conferencing

COST: $169 Per Person, includes all training materials.

Healing Begins at
The Heart and Soul Wellness Institute

Over the years, Dr. Doris has developed a dynamic team of wellness practitioners from all walks of life, each dedicated and committed to the healing and transformation of any imbalance or dis-ease patients may be experiencing. The complementary medicine practice combines Eastern medicine, Western medicine and functional nutritional medicine. Heart & Soul Wellness Practitioners utilize a combination of therapies for a more effective approach to resolving health conditions. Several techniques for evaluating patients are used, including Eastern medicine diagnostic techniques, results from blood work and other Western testing, as well as Orthopedic testing.

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